Base path in render layers for Windows and Linux

Hey guys,

I work on two PCs with Blender. Modelling happens on a Windows PC - rendering on a Linux machine. I have five render layers set up for different purposes. On my Windows machine, the base path of each File Output Node is on a local drive and looks like “D:\BlenderRender”. Of course this nomination will not work on Linux. So whenever I want to render my scenes on the Linux machine, I have to edit the base path manually.

I tried to leave the “Base Path” field empty and set the “Render Output” path in the User Preferences. But that doesn’t work.

Has anybody got a suggestion about how I could avoid the editing of the “Base Path” file every time. I wouldn’t mind if the render output gets stored on the Linux machine locally and I copy the files afterwards. It’s just the repeated editing that’s annoying.


The problem is that you’re writing to an absolute path. The solution is to write (save) to a relative path: