Base shapekey

Hello BA! I have character base mesh with plenty of shapekeys, including corrective ones. All is working good. Now I need generate second character from that mesh. So I’ve made new shapekey and changed body\face form to my liking. So far so good. All shapekeys are working well on top of my new body shape. Now I need this shape to become base shapekey. So I move slider to 1, place my shapekey onder base shapekey, and delete base. Now my shapekey become base. But whenever I move rest sliders to 1 my body changing it’s shape back to old one, which I don’t want. I need all shapekey working like they did before I made my body shapekey base one.
I could leave my shapekey as normal without applying it as base it’s no problem, but then I have wrong deformations when I adding corrective smooth modifier, it’s kinda smothing my shapekey with base and I get wrong body form. Of course I can bind corrective smooth modifier to my shapekey to get what I need. But it’s a bit annoying to rebind modifier every time I’m making changes to my body shape. How can I solve this?

Don’t delete Basis. Instead, use blend from shape operation on all verts in Basis, on “add” mode, strength 1.0, to add your new “base shape” shapekey to your basis shapekey.

If your new base shape involves multiple shapekeys, you can use “new shape from mix” to make a single shapekey representing the combination of shapekeys.


Oh, thank you very much. This worked well.