Based on Thomas Kinkade's "Light of Hope"

I used to work with a 3D product for the Mac 15 years ago called Infini-D and have not worked in 3D since. I came across Blender and have been so impressed with it. My Mother-In-Law is a big Thomas Kinkade fan and recently had an operation to restore her some of her sight so I put this together as a painting to give as a gift. I was not going for realism so much as the Thomas Kinkade feel (Lights/Bright Floral).


Nice, I like the mood. 10/10

Love it, excellent work. I am a fan of Thomas Kinkade

Looks great, I’m a Kinkade fan too. Here’s a few places I see that need to be improved upon, the grass is rather limey, needs some variation between straw color and dark hunter green, more hunter green than straw. Cliff needs a lot of detail, plants on the side of the cliff need smaller plants/grass around them. If you don’t have it, you may want to go to and grab a copy of a build that has the Ocean Simulator, looks a little too perfect/ordinary.

Some parts look a little plastic, like the cliffs and the wlighthouse, it’s probably due to the high spec and lack of bump maps, otherwise it’s really good! :slight_smile:

Very nice!
Perhaps I might add a bit of glow … and seems to be made by him! :eyebrowlift: