BaseMan v1.5 - BaseMesh with 2 years of research -- free

Here’s my donation to the cause:

Thank you for the effort, even though small, I did donate to encourage your efforts.

Thanks paulhart2, I appreciate it.

Thanks for the generous contribution Sean :wink:

Blender 2.5 is set to have an inbuilt lowpoly mesh for sculpting purposes…have you considered putting this mesh forward as a candidate?

[email protected]: I have now. :slight_smile:

Where’s the thread?

Thanks for sharing. It definitely looks like a lot of thought went into the topology.

Great model, thanks! :slight_smile:

I believe LetterRip hasn’t yet made a thread for the preset models collection,
but you could post this up in the materials collection thread here:


Thanks for the support everyone–I posted the link in the materials library thread.

Let’s hope it gets included–that would make my day.

It looks like the link is broken. It the model still online somewhere?

He is not dead, merely updated:-