Basement arcade

Been working on this arcade cabinet and basement scene for a while. Let me know what you think. I used fog in the scene with zero bounces. Multiple importance sampling on the lights how to render faster though?


I like the idea. The execution is really not bad either.
That being said, I have some comments:
Lighting-Flat. I do like the green lights and the red, but it looks (especially on the machines) very flat and kinda blurry almost. Could you post an image without the fog? Did you render this in Cycles or Internal? The arcade machines-The screens are totally red…I think it would make the scene stronger if you had like…game opening screens on them maybe? They also all look exactly the same. Maybe try adding some scratches or… maybe one could be out of order? Like tape over it or a sign or something. The posters- Great! I like them a lot. Floor- it’s okay. I think the texture is a little weak, but that may be because of the lighting. It looks as if the machines go down under the floor. I don’t know exactly why, but I think either there should be some metallic line at the bottom of them or maybe try having them on wheels or maybe … I am not quite sure. Look at some references maybe. The chairs are cool! I like them. The textures are very clean. Try adding a bump map or maybe some procedural grunge.
Generally I like the scene! Maybe add a few more elements in (a garbage can, a different kind of arcade machine, some trash like a soda bottle/can/cup), make more appealing lighting and try it without the fog.
Cool scene though!
Blender 2003

Thanks for your input :slight_smile: