(Elsdon) #1

Ready for comments and crits.


(VelikM) #2

Nice work! It’s a little light for having a single lightbulb, it should be kind of dark with shadowy corners.

(crazymopho) #3

Very nice scene. But the lighting just isnt right – It just doesnt have that “basement feel” :wink:

(basse) #4

good looking scene… like other pointed out, light is wrong… there is too much of it… I understand that you want to show everything you have there but it’s costing you the mood of picture :slight_smile:
also, I think you have a bit too rich colors…try calming it down a bit.

bigger render would be nice too.


(PowerMacG4) #5

That will make a cool scene for a Blender style Resident Evil style game.