BaseMesh Temple: An awesome way of sculpting in Blender (2.79/2.80)


This add-on provides easy to access base meshes and some additional workflow tools for quick sculpt doodling and creating quick 3d concepts. It achieves this through the implemented base mesh asset gallery. Any base mesh template that you open via the asset gallery will open in the sculpt mode so that you loose no time with setting things up. You will be ready to sculpt your favorite character in a second.

It is provided as an integrated solution in the form of an add-on and a base mesh asset pack that covers general digital sculpting needs. I built similar type of models from scratch over the years as a professional digital sculptor over and over again. This add-on also addresses that issue of repeating the same steps unnecessarily when working in tight deadlines.

This add-on is a companion tool for expressing sudden burst of creative energy or for daily practice of sculpting.


  • The main concept of this add-on is the template scenes. Opening a base mesh template opens only a clone of the master template, so that you do not need to worry about saving over the base mesh template. This is great, because you will not mess anything up while doodling or worry about where to save. It is similar to sketching over a piece of scrap paper. When ready take it to the next level or just discard it and let them rot in the temp folder.

  • The second concept of this add-on is “committing” Lets say you are happy with the current work that you have created based on a template mesh, then go ahead and commit your work. Committing saves the currently opened work to the predefined folder in the settings.

  • The third one is additional mesh processing tools like being able fuse and process meshes for quickly bashing interesting shapes or adding details.

  • The fourth concept is working with randomly generated meshes


  • 18 base mesh scenes that covers general digital sculpting needs.
  • Random shape generator for for suggestive forms
  • Easy to access thumbnail based browser.
  • Opened base mesh scene is a temporary clone of the master template.
  • 3 types mesh fusing (Basic, Dyntopo, Isotropic) (see the intallation for the requirements)
  • Easy mode toggling.
  • Clean up temp folder.
  • Committing with custom naming.
  • Predefined shortcut (Alt-Shift-W)
  • Extra Mesh processing tools good for sculpting (Cleanup, Smoothing, Isotropic, Poisson and Raymarching) (see the installation for the requirement)
  • Easy to access recently opened files

List of the base meshes

  • RANDOM (procedurally generated)

You can get it from Gumroad
BaseMesh Temple Product page

Blender Market
Blender Market



This is the full version and comes with the full version of the add-on and 13 base meshes that covers wide range of character sculpting needs.


It will be released soon.


It will be released soon.

Add-on’s Thumbnail Browser

Add-on’s Menus of the Provided Functions


The license for this product is very simple. You can create both professional and personal derivative works using the provided base meshes. You are just not allowed to resell this add-on pack.

Couple 5-15 min sketch sculpts done using the meshes in the gallery

Installation / FAQ



Blender 2.79 / 2.80

Meshlab 2018
Older versions of Meshlab might work but the addon is only tested with Meshlab 2018 on Windows.

Option 1: You can uncompress the downloaded zip file to your Blender user/addons folder. Once the addon is copied there, you need to restart Blender or press F8 to refresh the addon scripts.

Option 2: Open your Blender preferences. Then open the Add-ons tab. You can use Install addon from file in that tab to install the zip file.

Once installed you need to enable it from the Add-ons tab. You can just search for basemesh in the search bar. Then click on the checkbox and expand the addon for adding the required settings like Meshlab 2018 folder Once done save your preferences settings.


  • Where can I download Meshlab 2018**
    The most recent releases can be found here, although they generaly release Mac version there.

You can download the most recent versions for Windows here.

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Open a template scene (These meshes come with the add-on)

Random shape generator in action

Remeshing for better polygon flow

Fusing two meshes using Isotropic meshing

Fusing using regular DynTopo

Quick sculpts done using the shapes generated by the random shape generator



This post is reserved for Video demonstrations, thanks

This add-on is now on Blender Market as well. See the original post for the new link. Thanks

New features, see the top posts for demos and updated images


  • [New] Random shape generator that generates new random shapes every time triggered via the thumbnails browser. Never run out of interesting shapes (see the demo above)
  • [New] New meshed primitive shapes including sphere, cube, capsule, cylinder



This got a bright future.