Basic Alpha Texturing

Hello and thankyou.

I am using blender 2.5 and i am having a basic problem with texturing.
What i have done is, i have downloaded a number of “alpha textures” and loaded them into bender as a “brush” in “sculpt mode”. The texture is applying fine when i move the mouse, but it wont apply when i just click the mouse. This gives my surface a dragging effect and is not what i wanted.

I.e. How do i apply texture to a mesh by clicking not dragging the mouse?

Under the Stroke Settings Check the “Anchored” option, you will then be able to place the texture by clicking and dragging, instead of raking the texture.

do you have to drag, i want to apply without having to drag. is this possible?

make sure airbrush is turned on. this enables the sculpting to work even when you arent dragging.


Also, at least with the latest graphicall build if you deselect the Space option, you can have sculpt actions applied without moving the mouse, its very fast and sensitive though when you do that.

cheers guys