Basic Armature Animation Help

I have tried animating bones a lot. I have followed hundreds of tutorials. It hasn’t worked even once. When ever I add a keyframe, It adds a little diamond to the action editor, but there are no IPO curves (If you use them for bones), and It does not record the position on the frame. If I play the animation, it just is a single frame of an unmoving figure in the position I last had it in. Can someone please help?

Hey Sneaselx
I’m not that adept with blender yet, but here’s what I do to animate objects with armatures.

  1. Go to the frame that I want to work on.
  2. Manipulate my armature in pose mode.
  3. When I have got the armature in the correct pose, select the bones that I have manipulated, press CTRL I, and select the modification(s) that I performed.
  4. Go to another frame and repeat.

About the IPO curves, I’m not sure… I don’t use them when I am doing armature animations.
Also, if you are playing the animation in real time, make sure that you are using the appropriate start and end frames.

Sorry if that wasn’t much help.

after you record your diamond, move in time via the keyboard arrow keys to a different time. Then move the bone, and I->locrot again to make another diamond. Now as you arrow key between the frames, your bone will move.