Basic Character Arm Rigging Issue

Hi guys, I’ve just started out with Blender and I was creating a basic character model, and when I tried to rig it, I came up with a bit of an issue at the arms. Here’s a picture:

The first image is a layout of my character model and it’s rigging, the second one is the issue with my character’s arm when I try to move it. As you can see, I used a simple subdivide and extrude modeling technique, with an added sphre for the head, the character doesn’t really have visible elbows or hands, so that might be the issue I’m running into. As you can see, in the second image, the part that would be the “hand” is a little bit crooked, and while it doesn’t seem like a major issue, it’s very annoying and I’d like to figure it out. I’m using automatic weights, I’ve tried manually weighting it, but I still run into either this issue, or another part of the arm is not turning like it would naturally. I’ve tried envelope weights, and it does solve this problem, but the area where the elbow would be juts out like crazy, kind of like those overly stretched characters you sometimes see when a video game glitches. I’ve tried adding another bone, for the hand, but I still run into this issue. Has anyone run into this issue? Anybody know why this happens and how I might fix it? Any help would be great, thanks.