Basic Character modelling

Hey can someone please help me. I am trying to model this character in blender and I’m pretty noobish. Can someone please have a go? Maybe send me the .blend??

Hi there, here you go:

the video with the chess piece, that should give you a good start.

Hi. Have you tried this tutorial yet? (tells you how to model Gus the gingerbread man)
The basic principals can be used for this model as well. You subdivide a cube and extrude portions of it to block out the basic shape of your character with rectangles. Then subdivide it more where were needed, and scale and smooth the vertices until the surface conforms better to the shape you want.
Mmph’s link is a good tute as well.
Do these two first then come back to your model. It should be easier then.
You might also draw your character in profile right next to the frount view with all the features lined up streight across between them. Then switch between front and side views as you model. The mesh be positioned to match up with both views.