Basic collision and soft body question.

Hi, I just modeled a martini glass, I am dropping five jello cubes on top of it. Jello cubes have soft body and collision assigned and it worked fine at first. But after I edited the glass added and removed some vertex the cubes just fall through the glass. I read somewhere not to do that when doing collision but I can’t get to that page anymore. I removed collision, reassigned it again to the glass and the cubes still pass through.

My question how can I add collision again to the cubes like before?


can you post a /blend?

Oops, I’m sorry, I figured out what was wrong. I put each mesh in a separate layer for the lighting. I found out that in order to soft body and collision to work all the objects involved have to be in the same layer which solved the problem. There should be some big red letter warning about that. Thanks anyway. I’ll post the final animation in the projects forum