basic edge loop models ??

Does anyone have any basic edge loop premade models that they can share ??
Nothing special just a model with feet and hands <-- no fingers needed

You know basic clean… Please:D

there was a complete rigged model by Mat Ebb… can’t find it now.
There is always the MakeHumain mesh you could have a look on.

eh the make human is to fullly modeled and has a werid look to them. I just need a basic model with no features really

Well, I dont have a model to offer but Bay Raitts Spiraloid forum is an awesome source for information on edge loops. Theres even a couple of preliminary head models in OBJ format created by Bay himself if you look for them.

Theres not a whole lot to offer beyond the head there though. Its a good start anyways.

ya those are so cool. But still no freebeeis :frowning: oh well