Basic Fluid question(s)

At least, I assume these are basic questions. I’m rather new to the fluid system.

Anyway, hello everyone.
Let me jump straight to the point; I’m attempting to animate a spray of fluid, as though from a hose. However, my limited knowledge of the fluid system in general (coupled with my lack of understanding when it comes to tutorials on the subject) have brought me to a standstill.

I’ve already got the basics of fluid down, I think; set one object as the fluid, or as an “emitter” (I forget the exact term used in Blender), set a domain, and set obstacles, etc, then bake. And so far, that works fine.
I’m not getting anywhere near the results I’m aiming for; when I set one object as an “emitter”, it does indeed create fluid, but it doesn’t seem to create much; more like a dripping faucet than a spraying hose. And I can’t seem to spot any buttons that allow me to set the rate at which the fluid is created.
The other issue is the obstacle I created; it’s a rounded shape, but for some reason, when the fluid hits it, it acts as though it’s hitting a square instead. I can only assume this is an error on my part, but I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong (or not doing at all).

And lastly, for some strange reason, when I bake the fluid, it seems to start by jetting out a short distance to one side, then dripping down as normal. This seems to happen even when I set an object as the fluid itself, rather than using an emitter; I use a sphere as the fluid, but when I start the animation, it seems to think my sphere has an arm on it or something.

Like I said, I would assume these are silly newbie issues I’m having, and it’s most likely my errors rather than anything else that’s causing them. But I don’t understand enough to troubleshoot my own work, so I’m turning to here instead.

Any ideas/tips?

Geo - a.k.a. Jioruji Derako

P.S.: if need be, I can fetch some screenshots later if my wording is too vague.

Ensure your objects have a scale of 1. Select in object mode and Ctrl+a to clear the sclae (the first option)
For a fluid inflow, you can set an X, Y and Z velocity so it acts like a hose. If I remember, these may be part of the domain settings.
The default fluis resolution is extremely low, increase it and I’d also recommend setting the display to final instead of preview. Remember to also set the real-world dimension to something equivalent to your scene and the simulation duration.


Thanks a bunch, Rich. Took me a while to get things working (various outer small issues popping in and out), but everything you said helped.
With any luck, this is enough for me to figure out the rest on my own. =D