Basic Fork (Free Blend File) Part of a larger project

It has been a long while since I have been here. A lot of improvement and lots of good artwork submitted here I see.


Anyhow, I have been working on a project and couldn’t find a simple dinner fork I needed as a small prop in my scene. My current project has a huge amount of objects and meshes, you’d think I could find a free realistic looking fork to download somewhere on the internet that would work easily in Blender. I made forks before, but can’t find where I saved them on DVD. It’s one of those pesky things. A simple mesh that you keep making from scratch every time you work on a project. Reinventing the wheel over again.

So I made one. You can download it and have it. Improve it. Modify it. Erase it… Here’s a picture of the same fork with some easy modifications, bumpmaps and a HDRI as the main light source in cycles. The BLEND file is just a fork only.

I’ll upload my entire project at a later time, being as it is a “surprise” for something later on the internet.


BasicFork.blend (594 KB)