Basic funcionality problem

Hello. I’m new Blender user. I’ve installed Blender on Windows XP on my notebook, and I have the following problem. When I want to add a mesh cylinder, or any object, cannot change the default values (for example, vertices: 32).

Plese, I appreciate any help.


Left mouse click on the value of one you can change and type in the number you would like.
Welcome to Blender!! I suggest that you take a look at this:

Happy Blending!!

Thanks Red Jay for the answer. But this is my problem. When I left mouse click on the value, the value doesn’t change. It seams that doesn’t work on Windows. I’d try on the same machine under Linux and work fine. But not in Windows. Any suggests?.


I don’t know, it’s been a very long time since I worked on Windows. :confused: I wonder if any devs know what’s wrong. Try posting here. The devs are probably more likely to see it.
But the problem sounds like a coding or Windows problem. That’s why I suggest posting on the development forum. :wink:
Hope you get help.

Thanks RedJay for your help. I’ve read the forum that you recommended me and I found a solution. My notebook is a Dell D630 and found the following link in the forum:

I downloaded newest vista driver for GM965 and it works fine.