Basic hair particle and wind force field question

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to create a pretty basic house with yard and street scene (later to be animated). I’ve set up a plane with grass and what not, added a wind field, and animated it. The results are alright - when the animation begins the grass gets blown over a bit. My problem is the realism of the wind. It doesn’t just start and stay at a constant rate, but fluctuates, right?

I guess my question is, how to I create dynamic wind that fluctuates in speed? Is there a way of automating the force field to change it’s strength over time?

Thanks :slight_smile:

One option.
RMB on the wind strength and insert a keyframe
In the graph editor with the wind strength channel selected press N to show its properties. From here add a modifier set to noise. Adjust the modifier settings to give the variation you want

Thank you very much! That was extremely helpful :slight_smile: