Basic Human Head Sculpting

(Adrian) #1

Hey everyone,

I plan on doing a facial Motion tracking test with the face of a friend of mine. Unfortionately, I can´t sculpt at all. I tried edge modelling the face, but it just doesn´t look good.
I just Need a Basic sculpt of the main shape of the head, which I will then retopologise and add detail to.

As I was initially planning to photoscan the face, I have a lot of reference images. Just drop me a line if you would like to help me. Im a new user so I can only post one Image, but I can send you a lot more if you want to.


(Mohammed El-Tairy) #2

sorry for useless replay i don’t know how to sculpt too but if you want a face model then you do retopo you can use this model from cgtrader

its free and not mine too i just searched it for you
hope that works :slight_smile:


(Adrian) #3

Thanks for the Reply, but it´s not really about the retopologysing. :wink:
I would like to do da facial mocap test, and I think this would be really fun with this face.