Basic Instruction


I am completely new to the program of Blender, and I was wondering if there was any key information that may be common knowledge to you, but not to me.

My abilities are limited to creating meshes and playing around with them. If anyone could send me in the right direction of a tutorial or something that helped to learn how to actually model, that would be great.

Thanks a lot.

From within blender press Help in the main menu, then choose one of the options. Be aware that some tutorials are written for older Blender versions. In those cases check the Blender Manual or the Release logs for changes.

Thank you very much. I am checking out the manual as we speak, I hope it can help me.

There’s also a great online guide (free) called Blender Noob To Pro. Go to the tutorial section on In the beginner tutorials, you’ll see “Blender Noob To Pro”.

The pdf in my sig is reasonably up to date and laid out in a logical order. I highly recommend it for any beginner (It’s not my work).