Basic interface help

So I was following this tutorial on how to create grass, and at some point I was supposed to increase the number of cuts under the subdivide thingy (for a lack of better description, I added an image), but said thingy isn’t anywere to be found in my menu. I, however found a subdivede button, but that only subdivides the cube, and doesn’t give me the extra options to chose from.

This problem occured to me before, so how do I solve this?

My apologies for the bad english.


Are you looking to increase the cuts?

if so simply press the arrow on the right of the number1 under “cuts” and this will increase it

Thanks for replying, however, this is not excactly what i meant.
So instead of trying to explain it again with my bad english, i’ll just add another picture to elliminate further confusion (I hope)

I can’t answer your question specifically because I don’t recognize that menu, but I can tell you that menus in that area are “transient”. For example, create a circle. You’ll notice a menu in the area you are pointing to that lets you change the number of vertices, radius, etc. BUT, if you tab into edit mode or move the circle, that menu disappears. This may be happening to you. Maybe you need to set the number of cuts immediately after some other step. If you click or tab, you lose your chance.

Just a guess.


I am not at my computer so cannot check if the cube needs to be selected or not in edit mode but

If you select all while in edit mode and hit w, select sub divide that menu should appear?

Or after tabbing W + left mouse button press F6-button. You will have the same alternatives like above.

That menu might be closed. If so, there should be a little Tab with a + at the bottom (see Screenshot) to reopen it.