Basic interface problem.

So, ther is probably an easy fix for this issue. I am trying to follow Andrew Price’s “Introduction to Anisotropic Shading in Blender” tutorial and our interfaces are different. I have the same version that he has (2.65) and when he adds the Anisotropic shading, he goes to to add a new material and his screen looks like this…

which has only “Surface”, “Displacement”, and “Settings” tabs and allows him to change the surface type to Anisotropic. However, when I click on the button to add a new material… it looks like this,

which has tons of other options and not the option to change it to Anisotropic. I don’t know why mine would show up differently, I can’t even find where you would remove/add tabs to the materials window. Any ideas?

(Be Nice, I’m kind of a noob to blender)

You are using the Blender Internal renderer and he is using the Cycles renderer, both use different material systems. Change to Cycles from the drop down list at the top of the blender window (it currently will show Blender Render). If cycles is not there you will need to enable the cycles addon in the user preferences.

Thanks, worked like a charm!