Basic M4

Here is a basic machine gun that i modeled today. It is still in many parts and is not the best modeling job. But im learning. It is not textured because i am lacking in the texturing department. If anyone wants to texture it just ask. I know it is a little boxy, but im learning. Anyway here it is, please comment.


Try the suggestions in my attachment.
Oh and use this site for references to redo the stock.

alright, thanks for the response and attachment, i will definetely work on it. Thanks for responding.

hey cooner, how long did it take you to model? I think that’s nice.
How long have you been modeling?

I started working on it because i was bored, i left it then an hour later came back to it. All in all, meybe not even 2 hours. I haven’t been modeling for long. I mainly use the Game engine and model basic things for that. But i haven’t ever took the time to try model something just for fun. So i guess you could say im new to modelling.

OK, i didn’t have much time, but here are a couple screen shots with a few minor fixes(I didn’t have enough time to redo the stock). Tell me if you can even tell the differences (they are really SMALL fixes) and what else needs to be fixed.


nice model, but wouldn’t this be an automatic rifle as opposed to a machine gun, i always thought there was a difference?
Use those pictures in that link ^^ to get the silouette to match. Right now it looks more like an FN SCAR than an M4.

wow, i wish i would have found these pictures sooner. your right it doesn’t look like an M4.