Basic Maritime Coastal and River Simulations

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As there isn’t a forum for Maritime Simulations, which of course can never be finished, so I will post on this thread.
This is just an introduction to the simulation routes They can never be finished as there will always be something to add or alter. Also with the limitations of Blender they are described as basic.

If the ISP completes the domain details again, some routes will pobabaly be available for download.
Era will be approx. age of sail up to approx. 1815. If any questions I will try and help…if I can.
The details of the routes I will put on this thread probablly as a one or two line description.
The emphasis is on the past ages and bygone times and not just Blender, descriptive details written around the Blender content, together with the method used in making the ‘basic’ routes will be on my site…if/when available.
Also if I restart the site as I have little interest in drivable or scenarios any ship movenents will be AI.


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At present time still waiting for ISP details to be sorted. In the meanwhile concentrating on making small sailing ships as age of sail.
Starting at the sailing-flat (barge) and versions with main, jib only, and both sails. B

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updated post…still continuing trying to sort out Internet Service Provider.
If finally sorted maritime simulations will be basic and not a sailing simulator a such.
So far dozen 25 km size routes made starting from Solway Firth and beginning on the Welsh coastline on the other side of the Dee.I think this time as far as Barmouth is enough so another 8. They will start off as version 1.
Descriptve detials will be included as my interests are the past ages and bygone time up to approx 1815 and not just Blender…when the age of the paddle steamers begins.
If sorted I will start to make some available for downloaded. There will be no point in critique as the version updates will be ongoing and simulations of this sort are never finished as nothing to finish…but as before relevant discussion welcome.


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[QUOTE=Fred/K.S;3301860]Hey how did you get the height of the mountains from your images of the map or textures? Did u use any height maps? Or did you model them manually? : D
Im really interested ind how you made yr maps !!!

Fred please see wip forum again for the change of plan
I will possibly post any routes on this forum if available for download.


Working around the coastline starting form the Solway Firth again with routes at 25km.
If I do make them available online I would be roating them and would possibly make say 1 to 3 at a time available for a few days to about a week or so. I will see what happens before posting agaon.


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Just to tidy this thread up.
New domain site finalised and the available downloads will vary as can only make a few downloadable out of 48 or more basic at any one time.

See wip and demo forum for more full details and screenshots.

My site will probably eventually have descriptive pages and screenshots.
48 basic routes made of about quarter of the UK coastline from Solway Firth.

Routes will be updated at a leisurely hobby rate of progress.
Please refer to my lenghty thread in the work in progress and demo thread and info re.rotating downloads will be on the work in progress and demos forum. Rotation will be in random order not in the consecutive coastal route order shown by the route numbers and name

Link to my site is now tied to the username as just found out this option.
Press B to left of post gets you to the index page. Thanks B

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To start the available routes off with Brief descripton.
My website link is to left of the post, click B to left.
**Just in case you can’t access it for some reason **
The routes page currently has the link for the downloads.
If you need details on how to open route or which keys to use to operate the route post. There is usually a readme with each route .
Most routes are about 25 km square.
All routes have Roaming camera : home/end and arrow keys.
Drivable boats are usually wasd or tfgh or ijkl
Use at your own risk as regards possible computer lockups or loss of data. Maybe back up important files and scan for malware and viruses.

You need a current version of Blender installed to open the routes.
maybe 2.78c or 2.79. NOT version 2.8 as game engine removed due to 'changes’
I will keep to this forum mainly now.

000 Route Isle of Man. Large route at 45km so might not download easily, about 10 meg, terrain, sea and roaming camera

00 Route Snowdon mountain and Snowdonia. Terrain and roaming camera. Snowdon highest mountain in Wales.

01 Route 1 Solway.Annan Upper solway. rivers opened up. scenario.

01 Route 2. Solway. Annan Jetties added at mouth of river for emigrants (afaik), different scenario.


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5 routes now available for download. The same 4 as detailed plus the 5th Conway River, Castle at approx, 10.6 megs. Critique not wanted but discussion is fine. B

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Further descriptions and screenshots, once I begin to sort it out, will probably be on my site and not on the forum as makes the page ‘endless’. So will start the system with another screen of Conwy castle. See routes page for download.


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I have posted more details on the other thread as change of plan.
Routes size will be 10 to 15 km. Initially basic posted in blocks of 10 downloads. Terrain, sea, river if harbour on river, roaming camera.
Possibly oblong not square route. basic merged colour or 1 overall photo texture. Possibly 1 drivable boat in each block of 10 as I might venture into Scotland.

It can take many hours to open up rivers as I have to trace along their course with an overlay so further routes will probably all start at basic and with little to no content.

Further details on my site. I think this will be a better approach than before. Definitely no ‘critique’ wanted…but of course discussion and feedback always welcome, especially if routes download or run ok and any problems met. I won’t alter the fiirst 5 online but probably applies to all other routes.


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Sorted the website layout out. Simple and plain. Index link on each page links back to Index maIn page. Seperate route download page. Seperate route descriptions page to link to sperate routes that start a,b,c, etc.
I think all the links work. Mini screenshots. B

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Silloth on Solway Firth - Download - harbour - drivable barge. 6th route.

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I will just post on this forum as explained in the work in progress and demo forum. Briefly… returning to original idea of 25km routes. Routes will be land,sea, roaming camera initially, no ship, probably now’t else except if any details already premade. Keep to 10 or so on line. add one or more, remove 1 or more.

After the basic framework I will start on the detail. First job then not adding detail, but tracing the course of rivers with an overlay and opening them up. Also might continue around to the Thames.

So 48 made Solway around to Lands End, Might continue around the South coast to the Thames.

Keep a version of Blender 2.78c/2.79 then if interested you can always open these ‘embedded’ routes. Also if working on them yourself it would be interesting to read about it!

No critique wanted as has nothing whatever to do with the Past Ages and Bygone times.!

Discussion welcome of course!. I you have a non commercial interest in maritime, especially past ages and have a relevant site (no adverts) could possibly link to it. Although all non commercial maritime would be of interest.

That about it. Barry

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I have replaced 15 km Sollith route wth 25 km.
Copy and pasted 15km into 25km, then deleted terrain.
The premade routes will be posted online following around UK from solway firth. InitIally terrain, sea, roaming camera… Possiblly keep 10 online, add a few remove few.
25km Sollith on line. 7 total. B

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To update the process.
I have uploaded a further 3 routes so now there are TEN on line avilable for download. As I appear to be ONLY one of these forums who makes maritime routes I won’t be posting lengthy posts advising what is available.
I am now uploading BASIC route terrain, sea, roaming camera and as mentioned, made 48.

There will possibly be 10 total, on line at any one time. MAINLY BASIC. I also might leave a few on line permanent that has more detail, or small scenarios. As there is a great deal of work involved in checking even a simple route for upload, them checking to see if it downloads OK. etc.

So as mentioned back to the previous method. 48 made Solway Firth to Lands End in sequence. I will upload ONE at a time added to end of list in sequence. I am following around the UK, first heading South. To equalise I remove one from the beginning. So maybe 8 Basic on line at any one time and 2 permanent but might change these about depending on the amount on content added. Nothing is written in stone so there may be changes.

As regards these foums. As mentioned Disscussion welcome. I am not interested in ANY critique of any sort. There is a big difference between critique and discussion around a topic.

It is about the past ages and bygone times and always has been and descriiption and screenshots around the content I make. I am NOT making a sailing or maritime simulator as would need a lot more than one person (myself) to even attempt it.

Please refer to my site for available downloads Please advise if any missing textures etc as will remake and upload. Don’t forget the discussion as plenty of unopened casks of virtual rum!

Inciidentally I downloaded one of the new uploads and downloaded OK with no warning about possible malware and phrase about the zip. file. There was plenty on the internet about it. I won’t update each time I upload or remove the single files as the currently active dowloads available will be on the website.


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Renamed some zip files re-uploaded and made fresh links. Please let me know if any links not working. B

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08 river wyre basic small scenario. 10 routes online

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Maybe post again later…if any posts to reply to! B

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Post dleted by B as not now required

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Maybe best the .work in progress thread. I will give its a trial again. start a new thread maritime world of blender 2. I won’t post on this thread anymore. B

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