Basic Material Set Suggestions?


I’m making a library of materials for my modeling. That uses 3 types of lighting environment. I have a question about two materials wondering if anyone have any suggestions. I plan only to use procedures for the textures. This is a attempt of creating believable steel.

Material 1 and 2 in daylight and bright yellowish orange light.

Material 1 Node - Material 2 Node

Material 2 Node

I tried to make something that could be used for concrete or change to stucco or plaster for whatever I needed.

I’m trying to make a material that could pass as concrete and also asphalt. What do you think?

Shouldn’t the concrete be a bit grayer and the asphalt a tad lighter as well? (though i guess different parts of the world got different types of concrete and asphalt, perhaps yours look just like the stuff you find on your street)

It really depends. Fresh asphalt in the United States cities look black when layed. It turns lighter gray because of the dirt that has been absorbed by the fresh asphalt. As for as concrete, the RGB matches the value of standard concrete. It’s the lighting that has a slight tint of color.

I think it looks okay for a basic base. I would modify according to texturing needs. Good part, it’s all procedural nodes.