basic material tutorial?

hi, i’m new to blender. i don’t want to be the best blender artist in the world or anything, but i’d like some help with materials. I’ve got loads of images that i’d like to use as materials in my 3d projects, but i have not figured out how to apply these images in Blender. I’ve loaded an image into the UV editor, and its on the material and texture buttons, but how do i get the image onto an object in my scene?

I’ve looked all around for tutorials, but they don’t give me the explanation i want - too many tutorials about colours, lighting and shiney effects and all that, and i’m not interested in reflective surfices, i just want to get the material onto the object.

I’m using Blender version 2.6.2.
I’m also used to 3ds max’s materials and creating basic 3d environments, but I haven’t got very far with this program.

if anyone can give me a good starting point, that would be much appreciated.

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This helped me a lot with the basics when I had the same question:

You don’t always need to make seams, I found it was difficult on more complex objects with simple repeating textures, you can select the faces you want and do a “project from view” on several sets of faces at a time (5:20 mark):

There are loads of tutorials using image textures over at BlenderGuru or in the Texturing section of Blender Cookie.

thanks for the replies, guys! I’ve still got a long way to go with this program…