Basic Mesh Question - Making A Vertex Manually

Hello. Thanks for any pointers and support!

I’m new to Blender. I’m leisurely going through a tutorial, the 1876 pdf page Wiki document.

I’m doing the exercise in Unit 2 section: What is a mesh

The task at hand is to manually construct a 3D mesh, vertex by vertex.

To draw an edge, the keyboard sequence is CTRL + LMB. I’ve used this before successfully and created the fish, but I think I might’ve changed some setting that’s not allowing me to do this currently. When I hold the control key and use the left mouse button, a free style select type thing appears. And when I release the mouse button it disappears.

Any help in the direction of a solution is appreciated! Thanks


To extrude selected vertices/edges/faces you can use Ctrl+LMB. You just click the LMB you don’t drag it, that gives you lasso select.

If it;s not working reset blender back to its default (File / Load Factory Settings)