Basic Mesh question

when i make a new mesh it shows up at en angle how do i make it come in at a normal angle

and how do i type in exact measurements like position and rotation

sorry about the spelling im a bit young but im starting earlie on this stuff

well as for meshes coming in at an angle I don’t know waht is causing that…try Alt+R to clear the rotation. And if you want to enter in position/rotation manually shit just hit N, and it will bring up the transform properties of the object selected, then you can proceed to change it by entering in numbers.

Thank you very much

well alt r did not work. and pressing n only lets me change the position

When you add a mesh it puts it in relative to the view. If you want it to come in facing the correct way you need to be in one of the predefined views (side, front, top).
Pressing Alt-R should reset the rotation even if it is at an odd angle, but you need to be in object mode not edit mode (when you add an object you automatically enter edit mode - press TAB to return to object mode).

Translation: what angle your mesh shows up on is dependent on how the view is viewing the scene. if your view is at 45 degrees and what ever axis, the mesh comes out as a cube at 45 degrees on that axis. it is advisable to use the 10 key pad (also known as Numpad) to align the view.
Num 7=top
Num 1= Front
Num 3= Right side
Use Ctrl to get the inverse view:
Ctrl Num 7= Bottom