Basic Modelling Questions

Hey, im new to blender and need to pick it up quickly for my job and therefore have a few questions. I am pretty experienced with Maya and Pixar’s Renderman but know nothing about the Blender other then the basics of the UI. I was wondering if someone could answer a few useful questions.

  1. Which way is better to model in Blender, tri’s or quads? or does it depend on the renderer you use with Blender?

  2. Which renderer works/integrates best with Blender or is Blenders rendering software good?

  3. Whats the best way to smooth a mesh surface in Blender? with the smooth option in edit mode when you press w? or is there a better one.

Im used to using a subdiv scheme in renderman, and when im not using renderman, subdiv proxy usually works good; im just wondering what the equivalent is in Blender.

Thank You very much for your time.

  1. Quads is the way to go. The knife loop cuts don’t work too well with tri’s. You can always convert it to tri’s.

  2. LuxRender I think. I haven’t used it myself.

  3. For smoothing Blender have Subsurf modifier, same as Subdiv.

  1. In addition to ridix’s suggestion I would add Vray.
  2. When using the subsurf modifier, you might also want to check out the edgesplit modifier.

For smoothing actual geometry, not just the subdiv below that, the “w” menu smooth works well if it’s just a really fast and small section to smooth. But I’ve found that the smooth brush in the sculpting mode offers more control and if you have a lot to do can be faster as well.

thanks a lot everybody, this is a huge help! :smiley: