Basic modelling.

Hey, I’m new here and currently getting into Blender. My question, basically, is about modelling - specifically character modelling, rigging etcetera (excluding all the small details like facial features and stuff - when I say basic I mean very basic).

Supposing I’m making a full body character model (is that what we call it?), my question concerns how to go about it. I know the human body can be divided into trunk, limbs and head (in a rather rough draftish manner). That makes six separate objects (two legs, two arms, a head, and trunk) - so what order should I make these?

To my mind, it makes sense to make these separate, but all the while staying in Edit mode, so that altogether they’re one object; but as far as editing the model is concerned, I can edit six different parts. This also seems to facilitate animation, though I can’t be sure, as I’m sadly lacking in that department. Or is there any other method, like making them all separately in Object mode, and then making the trunk the parent of the limbs and head. Could this possibly work?

I’d also like to ask anyone (who has more experience than me anyway), about FF7: Advent Children: specifically the modelling and render - I presume it possible to achieve such quality with Blender, but can it be done relatively easily, and how much detail in your opinion goes into that one CG character? (Ugh, totally destroyed the phrasing there, don’t think that’s really what I wanted to know, but it’ll do for the time being).


P.S: And no, I don’t mean to pursue such grand ideas at the moment. Some months’ worth of learning does not merit me with such skill, more’s the pity. I’m just curious, really.

I would suggest you go through this tutorial
Goes through how to model a character and there are later tutorials on the site on how to rig and animate the character as well. Hope that helps you.

Hey, thanks. Yes, it does indeed.


I’m designing products 3D, and I’using parametric modelling features.

I like Blender a lot and looking for some solution to use primitives like box, rectangle, circle etc… during my design.
I was wery happy when noticed the parametric panel in the tools coloumn in 2.5, but it disappears as I’m doing any modifications on the objects (so they bacome meshes).

Is there any plan in the developement to keep primitive’s parameters adjustable?
Or is it possible to write python driven parametric objects?
Or I just have to forget parametric modelling in Blender?

I’m not sure what you mean by that, but if you mean you want to alter your mesh dimensions incrementally, you can do that also with the N key ( numerical data entry ).

I am confused by the noob talk. Could you possibly be referring to Transform Properties Panel brought up with Hotkey N in Blender. I don’t know of any “Paremetric Panel”!

Sorry for the confusion, I try to be more exact.

I’m referring to the bottom of the Tools panel (comes up by T), where I can set the parameters of ojects (e.g. the number of vertices of a circle).
After I do any modification, I cannot modify these. Can I?