basic movement

ok. easy question (i hope). i am trying to get the movement right in my game, i have tried it various ways but none of them work very well. i have tried a loc actuator but that causes clipping into anything it runs into. when i try it with force actuator or servo control i slide around. i tried turning up the friction on the ground but that causes a delay between pressing the key and the character moving. if any one has any suggestions that would be great.

In general force,velocity and servo motions are the right path to implement motion. Loc makes your object teleport producing wired results.

The most users have problem that an object does not immediately stop when releasing control keys (seems they never drove with a car :wink: ).
To stop an physical object you need to brake. You do that with a counter force or by assigning a zero velocity. As zero velocity is interpreted as “no change”, you can assign a very small velocity e.g. [0, 0, 0.0002].

Please check tutorialsforblender (the 2.49 version) for detailed instructions.

anyway the linear velocity of the actuators brick, is a bit “buggy”

if you want add only the linear velocity on the Y(local) axis (ex 10.0) , you have to assign also Z anz X to 0.0
>>>(0.0 | 10.0 | 0.0)
the value of 0.0 is overwrite in all cases(also if you not want), and the gravity(Z) is resetting as the X

this because 0.0 is read as new value to assign