Basic navigation (panning/rotation) controls not working - is this a bug?

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, it didn’t show up after I posted it (I’m a noob I dunno what happened lol)

I’m completely new to blender, and the first thing I automatically tried to do was rotate and pan around the object in the 3D view ‘Object Mode’, but both alt-left click and shift-left click and anything-else-left click just doesn’t work! I can zoom but not pan or rotate. This is such a basic control, and I can’t move on unless I can view my objects properly!

I’m using the newest version of Mac OS X with the (annoying at times) one-surface mouse. My brother installed blender on Windows 7 and he could use the middle button for rotation and panning, but not alt- or shift-left click, the same problem as me, and I can’t use the middle mouse button on the Mac because this flat mouse DOESN’T HAVE ONE. :spin:

Is this problem something to do with the interface that I need to change, or is it a bug? Has anyone else had this problem?

In File / User Preferences / Input, enable the ‘Emulate 3 Button Mouse’ option, then:
Alt+LMB = Rotate
Shift+Alt+LMB = Pan
Ctrl+Alt+LMB = Zoom

Yay :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you so much :B!