Basic Newbe Selecting Curves

I’m doing the modeling the Blender Logo tutorial. I can’t seem to select the “n” in the the word “blender”. I’ve already modeled the “icon-b”, “b”, “l” and “e”. So I know how to select points on curves and full letter shapes. But for some reason I can’t select the “n”. I’ve separated them with the “P” key although I don’t completely understand what’s separated from what. Is there any visual feedback on that?

The remaining “der” stays selectable or selected because I can see the points and handles but the pesky “n” is just an un-selectable black outline in edit mode.

The un-selectable “n” seems to have a purple outline at times while the selectable shapes have a different blue outline or visa-versa.

OK, now something happened? I’ve got the “n” selectable with the points and handles highlighted but I don’t know what I did.

Can anyone explain selecting? I don’t seem to remember the tutorial explaining it thoroughly.

post the blend file so we can have a look

I’ve looked around quite a bit but I cannot figure out how to post a file to this forum. Can you give me an idea?

I also tried a couple times to get notifications of replies to my threads and haven’t figured that out either. Is there a help file on how this forum is put together?

I found this:
To attach a file to a new post, simply click the [Manage Attachments] button at the bottom of the post composition page, and locate the file that you want to attach from your local hard drive.

but no such button exists on my Firefox-Mac browser.

to be able to post files, you need to first click the ‘Go Advanced’ button next to the ‘Post Quick Reply’ button

Thanks Morio. Here’s the file. I think I found the follow this thread button too. Maybe you could post a test response so I can see if it worked.


model blender logo 05.blend (147 KB)

There’s also another thing I’d like to clarify and or fix. I think according to the tutorial everything is supposed to come in oriented 90 degrees different from what’s happening on my end.

Has anyone checked out the Blender series? I’ve used Lightwave, Cinema 4D, After Effects 3D cameras, Discreet Logic Flame 3D setups and I’m wondering if there is a good translation as to how this program differs in it’s seemingly non-standard approach.

As a side note it seems the “user experience design” of this forum features follows the same pattern. I can’t mention the book “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug enough here. I’m tempted to make it part of signature.

some observations:

the b, l and e are all separate objects, and the nder is one object. so if you select the nder and hit tab you can edit any of the points of the n d e or r. if you select one point of the n and then ctrl-L and P (selected) the n will then be created as a separate object. to edit the n you have to tab out of edit mode, select the n and tab back into edit mode. then you will be able to edit the n but not any of the other letters.

if you hit the num-1 key you will see that the text is a large number of blender units below the blender icon. that could cause alarm sometime.

ppl say blender is counter-intuitive etc etc. but once you get familiar with it, some ppl anyway find it totally intuitive and logical. but i guess it won’t appeal to everyone

Do you mean Ve:5284? Is this the vertex count? The Fa is faces? What do the rest mean? I’ve ordered the tutorial from so maybe all this will be covered. I watched a free interface tutorial online but don’t think they covered this. I’m going to give Blender a concerted effort. I do my 2D title design than 3D right now and you can’t beat the price. Otherwise I’d have to spend 4k for Cinema 4D with Mograph. Thanks for helping.


there is a lot of excellent learning material out there. here are a couple for starters:

Hi Steeve,
Thanks for taking the time to look at my file and the helpful answer. I understand using the P (Edit mode: Separate vertices to new object) but why do a CTRL L before that?

‘Ctrl + L’ selects all vertices linked to the one you have selected. So let’s say you have two separate models but they are both part of the same object, now select one vertice from one of the models and press ‘Ctrl + L’ to select all the other vertices of that model (You could also hold down ‘Ctrl + +’ but ‘Ctrl + L’ is an easier way to do that)

michael, when i said

if you hit the num-1 key you will see that the text is a large number of blender units below the blender icon

i didn’t mean the Ve thing (which is the vertex count)

Do you mean Ve:5284? Is this the vertex count?

what i meant was: you are looking at your model from the top (top ortho view). if you look at it from the front (which you do by hitting the 1-key) you will see that the icon and the letters are not at the same vertical height. so it may be a good idea to move the letters up to the same height as the icon.

I was tracing over a png that came from the tutorial. It’s an older version of the Blender Logo. It’s just to learn how to model. I’m not going to use the model for anything.