basic object history

Hi all

Lets say i’ve got abject on the scene, and i’m doing some action, subdivide or what ever.
at the bottom of my T panel (on th left of my screen), i got options for this action.
once i confirm my and move on to the next action, i no longer see this option and got no way i can go and change it.

this history, is it possible to see it and modify it somehow ?
and i’m not talking about undo history (ctrl+alt+z)


Unfortunately it is not possible, Blender works on a system that does not allow you to get back to the operator settings of an operation if you have made another after it.

The only way is to go back (undo or undo history) and remake the operation.
There’s a big refactor planned for the 2.7x serie of Blender that is going to touch what is apparently the “backbone” of Blender :

I don’t know the scope of this, but as Ton mentionned that the depsgraph has relationship with everything in Blender, hopefully this refactor will allow one day to access the operator settings of a specific operation without having to go back through the undo history and redo the operation.