Basic Physically-Based Shader

So, this is just a test file about PBSs (Physically-Based Shaders).

I found a simple and fast (texture-less and with no IBL (Image-based Lighting)) PBS. It was written in HLSL so I converted to GLSL and added multiple light support.

To use this demo, you can change the material diffuse and specular color in the material tab, and play around with the roughness and metallic properties.

[roughness = 0.7, metallic = 0.6]

[roughness = 0.5, metallic = 0.5]

The converted GLSL shader code can be found here.

Here’s the .blend: pbrTest.blend (1.58 MB) (Blender 2.76+)

We want it in the upbge!

@HG1: Thanks for the links :slight_smile: