Basic Pinch Crease Issue

I stumbled upon this crease on the angle of this piece and i know that it’s caused by the lack of geometry on that area

But if i, for example, make an inset i loose the curvature on the angle tightening the whole piece and thats not what i’m going for

Is there a way to solve that pinch crease and preserve the rounder edges on the model???

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hello non destructive bevels for subdiv modelling are limited, you need to apply your bevels to edit the topology of them, and then fix the topology, remove ngons as possible (some ngons can be good and others can be bad for the topology depending the case, or the shape your are working on), avoid poles with more that 5 edges conected…
here is my example:
blockout the model, and after done the blockout then select the sharp edges…

ctrl+b to bevel with 2 segments and 1.000 of profile and patch option and the desired width size…

Captura de pantalla 2021-02-03 202433
then clean up topology, add supporting loops, connect some edges from the bevel, crease to completely sharp planar areas like this

then do the same in other areas…

this should be result, with good and proper topology of course

Oh i get it, applying the modifier and then adjust the topology. I think it’s too difficult for me to do since i just started using blender…I thought there was like a dedicated command or something


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anything you will have to apply and edit the topology, even without sub div modelling… in very simple models the non-destructive workflow can be kept there, but when the more complex is the model, the more you will need to edit it and apply stuff destructively…
like for example my model:
this is all done with subdiv, using some shrinkwrap techniques to fix pinching, and and shape with good topology mostly as i could (not wireframe included in the screens)…