Basic Platformer tutorial?

Hi - hope someone might help me with this.

I’m very experienced with Maya, and the adobe packages but am new to games engines. I’m a teacher and wanted to take a group through the building of a basic platformer game with BGE. ie A player which jumps, enemies, life counter, death effect, sounds, menu and so on - which they could then adapt using their own designs and artwork (more my area of expertise).

Does anyone know of a tutorial set which would cover this? I’m finding it very difficult to find much out there.


As much as I’d like to recommend teaching Blender and BGE I have to say I’d prefer if people that teach BGE really knew how to use it already well. So they can answer questions and resolve many problems that must arise when taking a classroom full of people through it and using their own assets. There’s simply not a single tutorial series for BGE mastery. You can start with “my first this and that” tutorials and in general not many tutorials on YouTube are too advanced for the complete novice.

BGE makes building game interaction easy but it’s important that people know that game development is much more than putting assets together. I feel like I want to stress that someone teaching BGE should also know about game design and development in general.

That being said I hope you take your time with BGE first and only then figure how to possibly include in your education plans.

Thanks Fenice - I’m looking into those links now

Kheetor - I’m talking about a kid’s after school club to try to spark their interest in game design & 3d animation generally. It’s a shame you can’t be more positive about that.

Kheetor is absolutely right though.
You and your students are going to run into many problems, and if you aren’t able to resolve them, it’s not going to look good.
But for the most part, what you’re asking are all quite common questions, so no doubt you’d be able to find tutorials on this stuff on Youtube.

If you dedicated a day or two to tutorials, I’m sure you’d learn enough to be able to teach the basics.
But again, as Kheetor said, there is no video that covers everything, so you’re going to have to start at square one - which is making a basic Cube game. Then gradually add to it (adding enemies, health, sounds, etc…)

Anyways, good luck!

It’s a good idea trying to teach the game engine to your students. Here is a nice tutorial (in 3 parts) to begin with logic bricks:

Another good tutorial (in two parts) to begin with python:

I think the best way to teach is that you create your own game FIRST (this summer). For 2D games, you can also try Game Maker (more simple to create 2D games). Two times/ or three times to see how you can “compartiment”/divide your teachings.

Good luck!

here is a demo that has jump, + handles falling animation after jump…

flying and swimming are also coveverd


2=fly down


space=jump swim


LogicBasedMotion.blend (474 KB)

I just got started with Blender 2 weeks ago and i found this tutorial to be very helpful, basic and easy to follow for a total noob like myself. I cannot post Urls since i only just joined this forum, but if you just tipe “2D” Sidescroller in Blender Game Engine into youtube it should be the first one in the list, youtuber: Daniel Jackson
Dont let people discourage you, you dont have to be perfect and omniscient to teach, just motivated.
You may just plant the seeds of a real passion in someone.
Any form of bringing Blender to young people should be appreciated.

Thank you !