Basic Pumpkin, looking for some advice?

I’m running into walls trying to smooth out the pumpkin sides, yet still keep the sharp edges with the mouth/eyes/nose.

I’ve tried using the crease subsurf, however I haven’t had much luck, makes the mouth stick out too much.

Also, I’ve noticed artifacts around the eyes, nose, and parts of the mouth. It’s from the subsurf I’m sure.

Any suggestions on how to fix these artifacts and develop smoother models? Its got to be something basic I am missing…

Tried (auto smooth, set smooth, subsurf,OSA-16, Full OSA).



Damn! you beat me to modeling a pumpkin this year! well I’ll do it sooner or later (probably later or never :S)
what I was going to try was get the shape of the UNCARVED pumpkin nice using subsurf, THEN turn the subsurf into a mesh. Then use booleans to “carve” eyes and a mouth from the pumpkin, then extrude all vertices inwards to create the hollowness of the pumpkin.
and NOT use subsurfs on this new mesh.

but I haven’t tried yet, so it may not work.
I know blender’s booleans need work, but I have trouble thinking of an easier way to do it… or faster, anyway.
maybe we should have a pumpkin carving contest! :wink:

I’d love a pumpkin carving contest.

I did this one using all the new tools (edge/face/vert) in the latest CVS build.

You got me thinking though, how do you turn a subsurf into a mesh?


Alt-C will do it, I think. It should also work on Nurbs (and other curves) also on dupliframes and dupliverts.

See my PM and email mate.

Regarding the sharp edges you want around the eyes and mouth. Use K key and Face loop cut to select a face loop, select the one nearest the front verts of the eyes and cut at either 2% or 98% (depending on which side of the face has been selected. Purple lump denotes which side of the face, use F to flip if need be.), either way make the cut right at the front, but not at 0%.

This will sharpen the edge.

The other option, is to use ALT B to select an edge loop. Again select the front loop of verts, use CTRL E and mark a crease, then Shift E to crease. As you say though, if you’ve tried this method the first method might be better.

Hope this helps,

Top modeling mate,


Cool pumpkin! Only needs some sharper edges and some vertical grooves.
And Sonix, CTRL E has nothing to do with SHIFT E. CTRL E is for LSCM UV unwrap.

Shift + E is a tricky feature and isn’t flawless yet. You might have some trouble getting it to work correctly. Currently the only fool proof method of ‘creasing’ a subsurf is to add geometry data by placing edge loops close together where you want a sharp edge. CTRL + R will do the trick in almost all cases.

Wow! Oh great Face Loop Cut where have you been all my life!

As you can see, cleaned up quite nicely.

Thanks to everyone involved!

I did exactly like Sonix instructed (with changes to the proper key commands as needed). The addition of a secondary face loop on each opening made all the difference, as you can see here.

Now to work on those pumpkin textures…


Sorry you’re quite wrong, I use this combination every day. The two work in conjunction with each other, for both UV and for subsurf creases. I use 2.34a, if you’re using another build then the two functions might not be connected.

Can take some patience getting the correct edge to crease, but I agree it’s not infallable. Adding extra rows of verts can produce sharp edges where they might not be wanted. Creases can give you more control. I use both methods as much as each other though.

Hazmat, great work. I’m glad it all made sense. Results look excellent.


I just made a nice pumpkin for an anim using jms’s disp_paint script. The great thing was, not only did it take about 5 mins, the texture was already painted when I finished. I didn’t put any carved out features on it, but if I did, I might try vertex painting with the ‘vcol light’ setting pressed, for the glowing portions. Also, I used a lattice on it, and a bit of proportional editing. Also, you should try using the new feature where you can define the subsurf weight of an edge. I forget how to do it, but it’s in the release notes. <edit> ah I see you already used that lol.

Textured (As best as I could), plus a little extra modeling to get those lumpy lines in there.

Any other suggestions?