Basic question on a move in a Vid.

I was watching This awesome blender tut/modeling thing…

There is one move really early on right at the 30 second mark I haven’t been able to do…anyone know what kind of weird scale type action he was performing :frowning:


He just grabs some verts, drags them up on Z, and then scales them out on Z with median point selected. (shift-comma, S, Z, drag).

If that’s the right thing that I’m seeing, it’s not too obtuse.

ok wow now I feel slightly stupid lol…
Didn’t think to try limiting the scale to one axis xD

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to look a few times. I figured he was using to-sphere, since that confuses people in fast video before. Has confused. Ynow. Yknow. Typo kablooie!

Moved a little farther along…not by much…but now i’m stuck again.
What move does he do right on 1:52 to separate the selected verts…at first I thought it was just the usual “P” but he it didn’t actually make a it a dif object…he just separated the verts within the object… How did he do that! xD

no one has some little bit of insight for me? :frowning:

select the vertices and press ‘y’

The Man’s a Genius!!!

Thanks :o

I hadn’t had time to load up the video again because of work and all L)