Basic question on texture appearing

I’ve just downloaded Blender and loaded a Blender file of a space ship. I can see the texture in the interface, but it does not appear in the render. How do I get the texture to appear?

Bottom right beside the checkboard icon is four spheres.

Click on the third one or the fourth one.

Alternatively Shift+Z, Look Dev or Rendered.

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This is what it looks like when I click the 3rd sphere and render.

Yikes looks like the uv is missing

Try the uv menu > smart uv unwrap

If the uv doesn’t match the texture you need to unwrap it youself.

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Ha, where’s the UV menu? I just looked in the help manual, and over the interface, couldn’t see it anywhere.

On a side note, I bought this from a 3D model website, in the viewer there the texture is applied to it, and it was blender file that I loaded, so I don’t understand how the texture is showing in the sites 3D viewer, but not in Blender?

First check if the model comes with a uv map

On right row see the green icon with three square connected together there and under vertex group should be a uv map

If not

Select the object

Tab to enter edit mode

A to select all faces

On the top is a row of menu

To to uv > smart uv unwrap or something like that

If it doesnt map correctly then you need to ask the file distributor

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Thanks for the help. I did what you said but nothing seemed to happen as you can see in the screen shot.

Go to shader tab

Add a new material

Plug the texture into the base color via image texture node to see if that works.

Perhaps you should go over some basic tutorials as I won’t be able to guide you though every single steps
Shading tutorial

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Thanks, yeah I appreciate the help. I’ll figure it out :slight_smile: I was hoping I could just buy a model (a Blender one) load it into Blender, render an image and be done, but it appears not to be as simple as that.

Are there any 3D file formats where I can do that? Where the file has the model and the textures in one? or do you always have to apply the textures separately?

With this .blend file, it may be that it was created in Blender 2.7x or even earlier, using the old internal render engine and materials set up; these don’t transfer to the new 2.8x material setups all that well. E.g. you could try downloading an older release and check how this model looks there.
Other formats may or may not have similar issues, depending on how their materials are set up the importer may not be able to reconstruct everything correctly.

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I think that must be problem as I bought another blender model and loaded that in, and it rendered great, only problem is, I can’t locate it in the viewport! See attached screen shot. I’ve zoomed in/out, I’ve gone to the camera view etc but can’t seem to locate the model. Is there a ‘point view at model’ button in Blender?

Look at the outliner in the top right, it’s grayed out. It happens to some objects when migrating the file from 2.7x to 2.8x. Select it in the outliner, then scroll the window below it down, find “Visibility” and check all boxes there.

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Perfect, thanks.