Basic Question


I am trying to create a Poncil with Eyes. I have an empty mesh object named Pencil, that contains all of the components, including the eyes and the Armature rig. The Eyes have a parent empty mesh object named eyes.
Currently the eyes move as expected with the pencil due to the Parent Child relationship.
The pencil has a skeleton, as a child, basically a simple array of armatures. The pencil components all have an armature contraint, and deform as expected when I pose the bones.
I can not figure out how to lock the eyes to the object (The eraser holder in the model) so that when I deform the armature, the eyes trak to the iject. I have tried various constraints, constraining the Eye parent (Empty mesh) to the Ob:EraserHolder, but the eyes stay put.
How do I have the eyes move with the bone deformation (the pencil bending and twisting)?
Thank you in advance!!

If you have an eraser/eraser holder(head) bone parent the eyes to that.
Let me know if that works.

That worked, I selected the Eyes, then selected the armature, hit ctrl P, selected bone and it worked.

Thanks for the quick reply!!

Glad I could help