basic question

I just DL’d blender, and i was trying to follow a tutorial.

Basically, I create a shape: square, circle, monkey etc.

However, when i click number keys to change view 1,3, and 7, my monkey disappears!

Why can’t i see it form the side or front like the tutorial shows?

You’re using the number keys across the top of the keyboard, which are used to switch between different layers. To change the views, you’ll need to press the numbers on the numeric keypad.


I have another Q. I’m watching another tutorial.

He duplicated the monkeys and put them in diff layers. He has like 10 square boxes that he clicks to do this but for some reason those square boxes aren’t visible in mine. They have been visible at one time but idk where they went.

The squares are between something that says global and something that looks like a lock.

ok,well just in case your wondering, its Shift + D to duplicate. You place it in a new layer my selecting it, and pressing M this will bring up those boxes, select one to move it to that layer. Those boxes you see between the global and the lock is the layer you are viewing, click on a different one to view a different layer.

The layer boxes are only visible when you are in Object Mode, not in Edit Mode. This is also shown in the same header.


How do I toggle between edit and object mode?

Is that the devide () key?

you switch with tab.

TAB key!
Here you can find a complete doc about Blender:

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: “These things, too, will pass.”

As far as “layers” are concerned, if you poke around the interface a little bit you’ll see that there are (I think) twenty of these. Each object has a set of these buttons (obviously they are “bits” which can be 1 or 0 … on or off). The display also has a set of these buttons, which determine the layers that are now “visible.”

If an object is (in-view and…) in any one of the visible layers, then you can “see” it. Otherwise it will be hidden.

There are lots of nifty things that you can do with layers, as you will see in due time.

But as for now… welcome aboard, and whatever you do, don’t imagine that you are the first one to feel like Blender is whacking you in the face repeatedly with a cast-iron skillet, and somehow “doing it on purpose.” :slight_smile: There’s a whole lot of stuff to wrap your mind around, and it hits you all-at-once. Everyone here has felt it. (Still do…)