Basic Racing Game Demo

(ineedanewbi) #1

hey everyone… i made a “cool” racing game a few days ago

its based on an original NES game
RC PRO AM Racing

anyone remember it?.. its an awesome game

heres some screenshots

and if ur too lazy to click on the links…

this game has no textures and is VERY basic (but fun) and should run on the crappyiest of computers. its downloadable at

1 - classic cam view
2 - 3d cam view
arrows - movement
right shift - turbo (cheat)

(jrt) #2

Nice little game! Sorry I’ve only just gotten round to trying it, too busy with my own game I’m afraid (selfish I know!).
Surprisingly simple and yet effective. I must admit I expected to see some Python in there. Not having tried to make a racing game yet myself, I didn’t realise how easy it would be to have other independent objects travelling with you around the track.

It’s amazing how other people’s brains work in different ways. You can certainly learn a lot from looking at other peoples ideas. I still have some of the old Activision, Coleco & Atari games from nearly 20 years ago. I don’t play them anymore, but I think some of the old ideas were great and would be good to adapt for 3D games. Liked some of your other stuff too, just too busy most of the time to make comments.(Or too lazy!) Sorry!

Thanks, jrt.

(saluk) #3

Nice and cute:) Feels about right. Needs some sounds and wackier ai and powerups and more levels and and and…

hehe, but is coo

(Fred_Pyo) #4

Cool! The cooloring gives it such an… old game look… beautiful… [nostalgia, snif snif…]

The way the car moves feels… funky, but it’s very good.

How about powerups?


(Eric) #5

Why EXE?

(doogs) #6

Okay awesome, but how did you make the enemies have adaptable AI?

pleeeeeeeease tell us?


(ineedanewbi) #7

yea… i should make some powerups,
the NES game had rockets and bombs that would make ur opponents spin out and u could get something that makes u invincible and when u touch ur opponents they’d spin out

other things were water puddles (slows u down) and arrows on the groung(give extra speed) i might add these things to the game.

i chose the .exe cuz its universal… kind of. i here it runs better and ppl without blender can play it too

if u want to fiddle or see how things work the .blend is here

the AI is quite basic
u have ur car that ALWAYS moves forward
and u have to rectangle meshes parented to the car in a “V” shape
when the left invisible wall touches the left side of the “V”, the car turns right
when the right inviisble wall touches the right side of the “V” the car turns left
adjusting the sizes of the "V"s can change how sharp a car will turn… weather they stay on the inside or outside of the turn… the yellow car sticks to the right hand side of the track, the green in the middle and the blue to the left hand side.(yellow tends to win cuz most turns are right turns)

(digitalSlav) #8

ah man that is awesome - great feel to it. you really have to get the little money bags, water, oil, and speed arrows in there and it will be killer - great work!

(Eric) #9

Far from universal and what about people who want to live free?