Basic resolution question

(rwv01) #1

How do I render an image in Blender so that it has these properties:

300 X 300 dpi at 8 X 10 inches.

I want to make a photo print.


(PowerMacG4) #2

I always make it bigger, usually 1280X1020 or the largest I can then scale down using Photoshop, also Color correcting too.

(OTO) #3

Heu…try 2400x3000


(rwv01) #4


Ok now the next question.
How do I get Blender to render an 8" X 10" image?
(keeping aspect ratio)

Do I have to just use one of the default formats and
then crop the image?

(sonix) #5

I tend to render at 512x512 whilst modeling, other wise it takes ages to run test renders.

When exporting a Targa/Jpeg/Png etc. I go for the largest possible size. Usually about 1024x1024 then open the image in Photoshop to resize either the image or the canvas to the size I want. Using this method you can create thumbnail images at the same time.

If you want to print a 8"x7" photo, your printer software should accomodate this. Choose the paper size and resolution in printing options.

Hope this helps.


(OTO) #6

Hi, again

my advice is that you need to read some docs on image manipulation basics
and maybe… Blender basics too :slight_smile:

The answer to your first question it was really …basic
A 8"x10" image at 300 “dots per inch” ? You just need to multiply the image size by the resolution so, 2400x3000 is the result!!!

Now in Blender in the display buttons window, in the SizeX and SizeY enter the above values and keep the Asp xY: 1

Now, this is a huge size to render.
To check the state of your image, before the final rendering, to speed up things, enable the % buttons and disable the OSA button.


(EnV) #7

I recently made renders of 9000 x 3000 pixels in Blender; it took half an hour and often, after the rendering has been completed, Blender crashed.
My advice is to set the start frame and end frame both to 1 (or the frame you want to render), set a path to save animation in a folder, disable the render window, press the anim button and go to have a cup of coffee or a pizza.
This way, if Blender crash, it has already saved the rendering as a huge frame0001.tga or jpg…


(S68) #8

300 dpi means 300 dot per inc, i.e. 200 pixels per inch

8" x 10" hence requires

(8x300) x (10x300) = 2400 x 3000

which is affordable

Hey env! You managed to do a picture that large then!!!

Congrats… have you tried the command line instead than disabling rendering window?


(Eric) #9

Why not use background rendering?

(EnV) #10

What is background rendering? If you mean render by command line, as Stefano says, I never tried it… but it could be useful.

x Stefano: yes, I managed the huge rendering; now I have to verify if it is good for printing… I hope yes.


(S68) #11

Yes, he wasmeaning Command line…

From DOS prompt /linux shell

blender -h gives help

blender -b file.blend

shoud do :slight_smile:


(snailrose) #12

You may already know this, but
once you have the image rendered take it into Photoshop
and assign a profile to it, which is Image>Mode>Assign Profile…
I’ve had some bad printouts untill i figured that out… :smiley:


(rwv01) #13

Thanks to all for cluing me in. Rookie questions from a rookie, I know.:wink:

I’ve been using GIMP for image editing. Is there a way to assign a profile in this app? What does that do?

The print will be a chemical photograph rather than ink.