basic rigid body question

Hi all,

I’m new to rigid bodies in Blender, and have a very simple question. I made a brick wall, and now I want a ball to shoot through it, wrecking it. I don’t want to let the physics engine animate the ball, I want to do it with keyframes. So I did, I made 2 keyframes. But when I hit “P” and preview the physics, the ball doesn’t move. In 3dsMax, you have to make the object untouched by the physics, other than making it a collision object. I’m sure there’s something similar in blender. Anyone know how to set this?


Hey hype,

You need to make the ball play your ipo animation.
-Select your animated ball, and open the logic brick editor.
-Create an always sensor, an and controller and an ipo actuator (F-Curve actuator in 2.5x).
-Connect your 3 logic bricks from left to right, by click and dragging from the small (output) dot on the left to the larger (input) dot on the right.
-Make sure your ipo actuator is playing the correct frames
-Set the start and end frames to encompase your ipo animation.

*I believe animations play at 30 frames per second
*Sensors and Actuators can only be connected to Controllers, a Sensor cannot be directly connected to an Actuator

Good luck,

thanks Gomer! That got it moving!

However, it passes through the cubes without colliding. I have the cubes all set as rigid bodies, and they all settle as they should when I start the anim. I tried making the sphere a collision object, but doesn’t seem to work. Do I have to add move of these logic nodes?

Does anyone know how to make an animated object interact with the dynamic objects?

Like, a bowling ball and pins. If the bowling ball was keyframe animated, and the pins were set up as dynamic, how do I get the ball to interact with the pins?

Make sure that the ball is set to “actor”.

Also make sure that the ball isn’t moving too fast. Animation basically teleports the object per-frame, so Bullet might not register collisions with it correctly.

Ah, moving too fast! That’s what it was. makes sense now, and is working. Thanks!