Basic Scripting for Pydrivers

Hi All,

I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for the basics of script writing for Pydrivers.

My interest was perked after watching a video by

on here:

I use expressions for enhanced functionality in After Effects and I’d really like to know how to do this in Blender. Even if I could find somewhere with basic commands to get me started.

any help would be appreciated,

Here is the API link for 2.49 series. The 2.5 series has an incompatible new API.

I think pydrivers are only 1-line things, kind if like the original AE motion script was (I could be wrong). But you can also create a text document in your BLEND file and place entire functions that a pydriver can call to extend functionality.

Also, you may want to check out the frameChanged event as well. This is a way to simply run a script everytime the frame changes. Then you can operate on any object in the scene.

thanks Atom!

I’ll take a look at what you’ve suggested. I think this would be a greatly untouched portion of Blender that could use some Video Tuts for all you tutorial creators out there… hint hint… especially for users coming from a After Effects background.