Basic Spaceship Game Template.

Here’s for all you folks that need(ed) a spaceship template.

  • It’s very basic, it has no script in it (not yet but I will add some),
  • It has no detailed textures except for the end game screen,
  • The models are very basic and crappy looking,
  • It has no menu,
  • The HUD sucks

So overall it’s a very basic template, but if you’re like me and you need something to help you figure some basic game engine skills; then this game is for you.:yes:
~Always start simple~ :wink:
I will add more to this template…eventually

Edit: I have just packed an image file into the Blend. And I compressed the file to save space. Thanks to Sunjay who reminded me I could. :yes:


Spaceship Basic Template.blend (627 KB)

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Your Avatar is your leg? I can’t see it… :wink:

Also, You didn’t even pack the data in your blend…
Your controls are kind of hard to use…

Yep that’s my leg in June of 09.
I’m open to any suggestions on how I can make the controls better.
Yes I forgot to pack the Image with it sorry 'bout that…

Edit: I updated the file, take a look at it now.

Your controls are too slow its hard to control, and when you shoot stuff, it doesn’t explode or anything…

Also, it would be really nice if it were all controlled by mouse.

Here’s my wishlist of things to improve on.

  • Better steering; the reason why the ship is slow is because it has a small fusion reactor.
  • Better meshes; Spaceship, Asteroid and HUD.
  • Better weapon systems; Laser and Plasma cannon & make it so the asteroid “blow” apart.
  • I was going to try and add a mouse srcipt for steering the spaceship.

I did start very simple, but I am making it more complex.

Yeah. I say that before you release it you should work on stuff like that.

some more templates of blender 2.5 please and send them to my [email protected].

I’m a bit late on this thread, but all I get is a php file that will not open.