Basic startup platformer game


I started looking for the game engine not too long ago and I couldn’t find any really good not outdated startup tutorial on it so I wanted to create a simple Game using most of the basic features to try making one. Something like the one David Ward did on blender cookie but with some more stuff.

So I did this game. It isn’t mean to look good, just an excuse to use and explain lots of features and how things work. I’d like to know your opinion of it, if something I did could have been done better and if I forgot to include an important basic feature that should be explained.

So far, I have :

  • Motion with cervo control
  • healtbar that decrease
  • divers scenes for game over, new game…
  • realtime text for time and coin count
  • sounds
  • an enemy that hurt the player
  • 2 kind of menus
  • 2d - filter
  • interactive invisibility and visibility
  • animation (through f-curve and action)
  • a basic enemy with a basic path
  • divers collision and physic type

The game miss a python script example but I’m not good with them yet so I couldn’t make one. If someone have or could make a simple script that would be easy to explain and would like to share it, it would be much appreciated. If not, I’ll just point the python tutorial made by Patrick Boelens on blender cookie. It also misses a static animation but I’m working on it.

As stated before, if you find something done wrong or missing, please tell me. Other than that, comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Great work, Guillaume! And it still looks pretty good with GLSL shading disabled.

Sounds cool. Do you have any screenshots or better a video?

@ManOfSteel : Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I don’t really know about the shaders yet so I just put GLSL. Glad it looks good without it but it is mostly out of luck. =P

@strub : Well, I do have this screenshot on my deviantart but the blend file should be on my last post if you really want to take a look at it. If you can’t download it for some reasons, tell me and I’ll make a short video and post a link.

Good start :smiley: The controls feel very responsive, but you should be able to jump over the enemie, though :slight_smile:

I have been watching the tutorials and I didn’t even know there was a download! I will download shortly, P.S. is it still being worked on or is it finished?

Haha nice to play it finished! I liked it but it was a little short!