Basic texture/material set question

POVRay comes with a whole set of basic textures such as metal, wood etc, all done with the standard POVRay options.

It seems that Blender

  • does not have any equivalent set
  • relies in practice on image mapping of photos for texturesIs this because
  • Blender does not have the same capabilities as POVRay (in which case, how hard would it be for someone to copy over the capabilities)
  • Noone has produced such a set
  • There is a set but it is not documented, or
  • I cannot find the reference in the documentation?It would be nice for newbies, at any rate, to have some documentation with examples of using all the standard options for making materials and textures. There is a description of each option, but the effects seem to be achieved by combining several options, in ways that are only known to the experienced. Something basic is required, using the most common use cases, not anything tricky.