Basic Textures Question

Is That to Make wooden, Rock, and other Textures using Modifier, or another?
I’m Still Learning

Textures can be procedural or images, they put an image on something. The plain texture doesn’t actually edit an object, just puts some color on it.

You do not use modifiers. To the right of the modifier tab in the properties editor you have a Material Tab (icon looks like a sphere) and a Texture Tab (icon looks like a small checkerboard.) First add a material to your object using the Material Tab, then you can add a Texture in the Texture Tab.

Fancy Textures like rock or wood can be made either using a photograph of a rock or some wood, or can be done procedurally (using mathematical calculations). In Blender, the mathematical calculations are controlled by Nodes, which you can edit in a Node Editor.

Oh, I See. Thanks.