Basic top down RPG 8 directional movement

Hi, This is a very quick and Basic Top down RPG 8 directional movement made with only logic bricks in Blender 2.69.


Controls :W,S,A,D


maybe “basic”, but its a nice one!
Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for your comment OTO

No matter what key I press it only moves forward. Any suggestions?


Hi Ambard,could you post the blend.file so that I can have a look at it and see whats the problem.
Also check the version of blender which you are using since the Blend.file has been made in Blender 2.69.

Very cool!

Interesting. It works fine on a fresh install of blender. Thanks for replying with help anyway.

Joystik Studios - Thanks

Ambard - I’m glad that the problem was solved :slight_smile: